Documentaries about Summer Wine

There was a leak in the right boot. I

Perhaps you can engage Howard to utilise his puncture repair kit to fix the leak. I recall Billy Connolly talking about the poorer kids in his neighbourhood having to wear the wellies all year around and in summer the tops left a red mark around their legs because of the heat , the summer wellie ring of no confidence . :(
Not long to go now until the 50th Anniversary Celebrations, will you be showing a teaser video or at least promoting the forthcoming documentary. It would be a very good idea as you'll have a dedicated captive audience?
What a great idea if possible. To set up a screen and projector to display their masterpiece to all the Summer Wine Aficionados gathering in Holmfirth. Hopefully posting a link online for those of us unable to attend.

...With "L " and "R" written on the appropriate one to ensure he gets them on the correct feet :oops::eek:;)
I have often wondered why Tom did not do something similar with Mrs. Avery. Draw an L or R on the back of her hands with an ink pen or something. To help her avoid losing her bus and the ladies with it.
This is despite nearly getting stranded in London on Saturday evening when there was a power failure and nearly everything leaving Euston was cancelled or delayed. Made it to Brum with minutes to spare to get the last cross-city train of the day, arriving home exhausted. (But I think it's worth it!)
Did you eventually get a train from Euston, or did you end up heading toward Birmingham from King's Cross or St Pancras?

One of the many times that I has bound for Manchester from Euston, all north-bound trains out of the station were cancelled due to a signal failure somewhere up the line. Operators from King's Cross were accepting tickets written for trains from Euston, but I was hauling my usual 4-week's worth of luggage, so wasn't about to attempt the stairs from the Tube station down to the trains, and I really didn't want to walk. Despite the badly-informed rail representative who was attempting to direct passengers and who seemed baffled by the concept of busses, I took a bus from in front of the station to King's Cross and boarded the first train headed in the direction of Manchester, knowing that there were unlikely to be any seats. Ended up in a first-class carriage, sitting on the collection of luggage in the handicapped area. It was actually quite comfortable.

BTW, the luggage wasn't filled with clothing; it was mostly photography equipment. I travel with 3 changes of very casual clothes, plus one presentable-looking outfit, and wash the day's laundry in the sink every evening, hanging it in the closet to finish drying in the morning, and to get it out of the way of the cleaning staff.
Did you eventually get a train from Euston, or did you end up heading toward Birmingham from King's Cross or St Pancras?
The alternative for Birmingham is from Marylebone. I was at Euston 30 mins early, 7:55pm. It was not made very obvious, but I overheard someone talking to a representative from a different train company that they and other train cos were accepting Euston tickets. I went to Marylebone and just missed a train that left at similar time to my original train. Got the next train to Brum at 9pm, it is a slower train / has more stops, so when I arrived in Brum at Moor Street station I had 10 mins to get to New Street station for the last train home. Got home an hour late. Everything ached!

London is the only place I use trains to get to, and usually first class, but this weekend the price was about 4X the standard class.