Favourite Scene In LOTSW


I have a favorite scene in all of LOTSW. It's in the episode From Wellies To Wetsuit and it's 18 minutes in. Foggy is leant up against a tree talking about long summer evenings and twilight and boots with Cleggy, and I just love the scene. It really reminds me of my childhood days of being with fellow kid friends and having not a care in the world. I just love the scene so much. Have any of you folks got a favorite scene?
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Any scene where they're up on top of a hill looking up at the clouds after staring at the scenery through their shoes. Oh for the days lying in the grass, looking up at the clouds, and trying to identify what the shapes looked like.
Done that many times Adanor. I couldn't climb the hill these days.:confused:


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I hope this counts because it covers many many scenes but my favourite items of all are Ronnie Hazelhurst's little snippets of incidental music that accompany a scene , related to that scene's content but are historically from other shows or famous films .
I agree there, Captain. Ronnie had the knack of getting the music just right for the emotion or action of a scene. Not just in Summer Wine, but every show he worked on.