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The more the merrier....
We are a warm,caring,sharing,supportive "special family"......we are truly blessed that our wonderful show has brought us all together !!.
Loads of love,
Keith from Liverpool.


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We have a Glenda to whom we extend a hearty welcome, but, where is Dick? Do you think he fell off his skateboard due to him getting too excited because we have a Glenda in the group?


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You 've been spying again! What he is alluding to ,is my penchant for seeing "our" Glenda in her racing leathers! ......................A BRIEF EXCURSION IN THE FAST LANE. I've done it now , I'll have our Pearl shouting at me !:confused2::46:


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Hey up lass, weer abarts in Yorksher are tha from? T'owd lass and I live Rotherham.
I have a house just south of Holmfirth but I'm not living there at the moment. I hope to be back there for the summer.
I've not been to Rotherham, is it nice?


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Hi Glenda, thanks for your prompt reply. Rotherham is nothing special except for the Wentworth area. There is a very big house there called Wentworth Woodhouse and has the largest house frontage in Europe. 365 windows. We used to go to Wentworth regularly when we weren't handicapped. Look it up on the Net.
Another of our regular beauty spots is the Peak District which I can highly recommend. Have you been there?