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Thought i would start a new thread for locations as they look now. I have a few from past visits which ill be uploading but ill be visiting Holmfirth soon and will be gathering more material. If a member would like me to take a photo of a particular location, please let me know. Anyway to start it off here is the world famous White Horse pub that is actually in Jackson Bridge, but of course I could be lying. Cheers daverps20160428_134828.jpg
Dave ,

Thank you for posting , its a really nice shot obviously you can see Hill Street in the background where Cleggy and Howard/Pearls houses were . Thank you for your very kind offer to take a photograph of a location it is a very magnanimous gesture
Thanks for your comments and likes, ill post another photo soon. Dont forget to let me know if you have a location youd like a photo of. Ill be visiting Holmfirth in the next two weeks and hoping to take more images of other locations.
rps20160429_131624.jpg Another location as it is now. Everybody will know this is in Marsden and that it is non other than Auntie Wainwrights antique shop. This location is very misleading when seen on the show. The area around the shop and the entrance at the side, where many a character has appeared from, is very quite tiny. Knowing how large a film crew can be, its a wonder there was enough space for the action to take place. Mind you I have been to many tv and film locations and they never look the same. The camera can lie!
Don't forget to let me know if you have a location youd like a photo of.

Dave, if you get a chance when you are in Holmfirth, maybe some pictures of the Daisy Lane area, Nora Batty's, the Library (Methodist Church) where the trio would meet and cause trouble. One of our members, Pete, has done an excellent job in showing us several Then and Now photos.

It will be interesting seeing Holmfirth through your eyes also.

No problem Dennis, ill do my best to get decent images of those locations. I have a shot of Nora's and Compo's which ill upload shortly. Let me know if you think of any another locations youd like me to photograph. I have looked at Petes images and they are very well presented and give a good indecation as to how they have changed over the years.
rps20160429_184258.jpg Here for Dennis is the famous Compo's and Nora's houses location which is now a museum and a cafe. Nora's is also a self catering establishment. Imagine that, able to go where no COMPO has been. The image doesnt show Nora's as good as id like so on my next visit Ill take an image from a different angle.
I love visiting and photographing the locations,especially to see how they've changed,and sometimes,at the quieter ones you can really feel a connection with the characters and show,I'v walked miles and miles to get to some of the more remote ones,thanks Dave for the photos.
Thanks for asking Dave. Can't think of anywhere particular I'd like a picture of at the moment. I'm just glad to see the pictures from you, Pete and others.

In the early Blamire episode when Compo doesn't want to go down Market street and they decide to see Judd, I would like to see the steep street they walked down. Thanks Dave for bringing Holmfirth close to those who cannot visit. Maybe some day. Thanks also to Pete for also giving us the wonderful before and after photos. Cannot forget our chief barmpot Terry!!! Cheers all.
Hi Brenda, can you be a bit more specific what street you are talking about. Maybe let me know the episode and roughly how far into the episode and ill take a look. Thanks