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Names some episodes with the cast actually go shopping (Not in Aunties) and actually buy something, I will start the ball rolling with the Obvious one,"Why does Norman Clegg buy Ladies Elastic Stockings"


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They manage to upset the woman in the card shop when Foggy shops early for Christmas ! Sorry title escapes me ! :confused2:


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The Black Widow episode a Mrs. Jack Attacliffe takes Clegg prisoner and forces him to go with her on a shopping trip. We see Clegg pushing her cart full of groceries out of the store to her car.

A Dewhurst up a Fir tree - Foggy buys the rights to access a plot full of trees from a bloke in a pub. Surprised this was not mentioned above.

Need some help from the rest of you for the next ones.

-There is an episode where Clegg is shopping and bumps into Pearl in an aisle. She then helps him pick out some items that she feels is better value.

-A Christmas episode where Barry and Glenda have gone out to get presents for relatives. We see Barry with presents by the car and then outside the cafe where Wesley pulls up in his Rover and asks Barry for a favor. Honk the horn if a traffic cop shows up, Wesley is wrongly parked. Barry does not want to leave the packages unattended.

I sure wish I had Roger's memory retention so I could put names to episodes in a more speedy fashion, haha!


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Destiny and six Bananas. Foggy asks Clegg to buy 6 Bananas.

I'm not sure if this counts, but Wesley buys some motor parts from the srap yard in The Thing in Wesley's Shed. It's not actually Auntie's shop, but she did own the scrap yard.