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Yes, captain! We see Auntie pay for a tea and bun at the cafe. Which I think later Auntie gives the bun to Smiler and charges the poor guy for it.

Plus we see the trio pay for tea there. We see the trio buy beers at various pubs.

Hmm, on second thought we are looking for "shopping" and not just somebody buying something. Buying beers at a pub might not be considered as "shopping" to some :29:. Gone off on a tangent again I have. :redface2:

Inky Batty

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Glenda and Marina were out shopping for clothes and ended up swapping tips on 'plain' and 'tarty' and both purchased appropriate clothing for their new image.
I know it's a Hobbo era episode but I can't remember the title.


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Did the trio actually buy Arnpepper's canoe, or did he just give it to them?

Also in Northern Flying Circus, the trio bought Billy Aubrey's motorbike and sidecar.