The music thread

Inky Batty

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If there's a song you really like, it can be classical, pop or whatever, that you like, whether it be old or new, post it here for all of us to listen to.
I'll kick us off with this.
Not sure anyone would like my music taste to be honest but it interesting to see other members favourites.
Have to say it was a close call for me , went to see Roy Wood in December last year and at 70 he is still great voice is just as good and I would pick any of the Move/ Wizzard songs [well maybe not the Christmas one which of course he finished the show with] . Pretty sure ELO was his baby and he gifted it to Jeff Lynne so whilst I am sure he has a few quid he is not in Jeff's league .
p.s. check out the avatar and who's playing fiddle in the vid

Why Tony it's the mighty Swarb, Dave Swarbrick sadly over two years now since he died but " Friends may come and Friends may go but the Fiddle [bill] goes on forever " :)