Location Question 2


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Maybe hard as I could not get a front of building shot due to dogs loose,but you may spot what this was,you maybe able to tell me what episode it was used in as I cannot remember

I don't think our trio got so close and it was a farmhouse . . of course things change in time . . this road is paved . . but this also looks like a public house, there is a hanging sign, an umbrella shaded table and a duck or some such likeness in a little window. Possible alluded to its name. Also terry said he couldn't get the full front view, which would probably clinch it.
What about the pub in Three Men and A Mangle?

I don't think it was that pub because when they walked up to it there was nothing blocking the road(rock fence). There was also a large parking lot on the side where they first put the mangle.

Tough one, unless it is one of the later that I haven't seen. What about were the last episode what filmed , where the bus broke down.?