Locations: As they are today

It's a private drive that even the electricity man can't get access to. Pass the Fox House pub on your right & it's the next entrance on the right. Riddle Pit farm.
Just inside the boundary of Barnsley.

I am almost certain but have not searched but I recall the lady who owned Seymour's house put a post on the site explaining the fact she did and gave a potted history of the dwelling.
The house has been extended and joined up with the side barn. The picket fence & gate around the small enclosed front garden & also the pond have gone. A pond has been created in another hidden area though. As you drive past I think it's best to just remember it as it was on TV.
The ground alterations cannot be seen from the road.
You have to host your videos online first, either cloud based of maybe youtube, then put a link to the video in the post.
We had to do this to stop using all our data allowance in a short space of time, and unless we paid hundreds more for more storage, this was the best way to apply limits.