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Anybody approching my age (late 20's :) ) do you remember Mason Williams "Classical Gas"?
I love it, still listen to it. Think I was introduced to it in my mid to late teens. Well, just found a 'cover' by Tommy Emmanuel and it is, hmmm, how best to describe it....... hmmm it's diferent but truly amazing.



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"There's an old rock and roll story, unconfirmed of course, that a man walks into a bar, sees Jimmy Hendricks and asks him what it's like being the greatest guitarist in the world. I don't know replies Hendrix, you'd have to ask Rory Gallagher"


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I have said Hello to Rory a few times, when he played Newcastle he used to go on walk about and was so approachable he would stop and chat with people who recognised him such a great guitarist taken far too young.