Your favourite quotes from Last Of The Summer Wine. I'll begin

Nora (to Wally): What are you doing with that daft lot?
Wally: I'm doing nothing.
Nora: Look at me when I'm shouting at you.
Wally: I am looking at you.
Nora: You're not. You're looking at me feet!
Wally: Can't a bloke look at his wife's feet if he wants?
Nora: Ah, you're weird. Now get off inside. And wash your hands for tea.
Then all those brightly plumed kids who left school, flying cheerfully and didn't get far.
Ran smack into World War II.
That's right.
Look on the bright side(!) Cheer up.
Little Tommy Naylor, lying in Africa somewhere.
Blood on his beak.
"And don't let me catch you readin' any FUNNY BOOKS !!!!".
"It's like a piece of furniture has come alive !!!!.....I wouldn't mind if you weren't so badly put together !!!!!"..........2 great lines from "ower Nora" from the number one episode [in my humble opinion].........The Mysterious Feet of Nora Batty".