jokes bad or otherwise.

I asked Bard for a joke about Summer Wine so here it is.....

What's the difference between a bottle of prune juice and a group of geriatrics in Holme Valley? Prune juice comes with a warning label: "May cause drowsiness.
A Penguin goes into a bar and asks the barman if he's seen his brother, the barman asks "Dunno, what does he look like?"

One of my funniest episodes ever was a night out when I was running late. I was supposed to meet a group of friends at a restaurant in Chinatown . Breathless and red after running to make up time I went into the Restaurant and asked the Chinese Maitre De if my friends were in there or had he seen them . He replied " What do they look like as you all look the same to us!" absolutely priceless I laughed out loud and it makes me laugh every time I think about it :)